Is the concept of subculture useful for understanding youth identities, styles, and cultural practices?

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You should reference the book <sells like teen spirit> by Ryan Moore which could be found on amazon. I have the hard copy with me but I am more than happy to pay for the kindle edition that could be found on amazon, the budget of the paper already includes the price of the book plz do not use the kindle sample to finish the paper as it is only a small portion of the first chapter. And, in addition at least 3 articles that I upload should be quoted precisely to page numbers. In addition to these readings you should draw on your own research on a historical or contemporary example of youth culture (style of dress/ music/ activity), explaining what social meanings you see encoded in this style or practice and whether this style/practice can be adequately conceptualized as a subculture? You should illustrate your essay with at least one photographic image (printed or photocopied in black and white is fine).

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