irony of american inventions

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Write a rough draft, about 4-5 double spaced pages in length, that gives your reader a sense of the problem or question that you believe is essential to understanding the collection of texts you’ve been working with. Your draft should also provide a sense of what you have learned from your chosen writer. How has this author changed or added to your perspective? Feel free to use material you’ve already composed–homework, in-class writing, notes, and so forth.

This draft should include:several paragraphs that use quoting and analysis to (1) build a claim about the writer’s essential argument, (2) provide contexts for understanding the author and her or his work; (3) look closely at the author’s key terms and revealing vocabulary;

and an ending that makes a claim about the author’s vision & values. What has this writer made you think more about?

Length: About 8-10 paragraphs total

For this draft, cite at least three of the writer’s essays, and at least two other (contextualizing) sources

A successful performance will provide a good sense of your chosen author’s project, plus context to help the reader understand how the author’s project connects to the “real world” outside the author’s work, and your own claim (one that others reading the same book might disagree with) about the significance of the author’s essays—why the author’s work matters.

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