Investigating And Prosecuting Cybercrime

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Paper outline

TitleInvestigating and Prosecuting Cybercrime

1- Introduction

a. What is Cybercrime?

b. The different types of cybercrime we will focus on

2- Cybercrime Concerns

3- Laws/Penalties on Cybercrime

4- Law Enforcement: How to investigate and prosecute cybercrime

5- Constraints, Legal Guidance and Best practices

6- Conclusion



2. Term Paper:

You will write and submit a 8-10 page term paper (excluding title

page, tables, figures, references, etc.) based on the feedback you received on the

outline of your paper. Your final project will include the following sections: introduction,

literature review, findings, discussion, policy implications, and conclusion.

The paper will be evaluated on the usual criteria for assessing scholarly or scientific

papers, such as quality of content, writing style and organization, demonstration of

knowledge and mastery of the paper’s topic, use of literature sources, how well the

paper relates or adds to the extant body of knowledge on the topic, adequacy of the

approach taken in the paper, and the soundness of logic, theoretical reasoning, and


An abstract page and complete list of at least seven (7) references are also required,

but do not count towards the page requirement.

The paper must use the Times New Roman or Arial font size 12 and be double-spaced

with one-inch margin on all sides.

Your project must conform to the APA style of writing. Other than the format of tables

and figures, the three particular areas of the APA style you should pay attention are the

use of levels of headings and sub-headings, the text citations, and the format of the


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