Introduction, Statement of the Problem

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To clarify – the Statement of the Problem should not be totally subjective. While, subjectivity may have influenced your desire to conduct research in a particular area, objectivity and sound reasoning will guide the research. Therefore, verified and credible information should be infused into the Statement of the Problem.

All referenced works must be cited in this section. If it is not cited properly, it is considered plagiarism.

Introduction, Statement of the Problem.

The statement of the problem must identify (1) why the topic is being researched, (2) proposed areas of concern/need, and a (3) discussion and inclusion of proposed research questions. The Statement of the Problem is not always a negative connotation to the research question. This section simply outlines the need to assess a particular phenomenon.

Week 2* Introduction & Statement of the Problem (2 pages)

The topic is: the war in Yemen

H1: is the war result of political power?

H2: the war result of religious differences?

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