International Business

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MGM355-1304B-02 International Business Practices  Phase 3 Individual Project  Phase 3 IP -.docx

1,000–1,200 words – plus reference page

A developing country wants to become more
global, hoping to increase the pace of its economic growth and improve the
quality of life for its people. It wants to achieve this by attracting foreign direct investment.

  • Choose a developing
    country, and discuss the pattern of foreign direct investment in that region
    and why it occurs.

  • How should the
    government intervene to ensure that the foreign direct investment is the best
    interest of its country?

  • What policy instruments
    should the government use to promote foreign direct investment?

  • Is it already part of
    regional integration? If not, should the country consider it? What would be the
    benefits and disadvantages?

    Always include your
    objective of the following in your task

· Discuss current management practices and principles used in the
current global business environment.

· Summarize the opportunities and risks of doing business in
foreign countries.

· Compare alternative organizational structures for international

· Discuss strategies organizations can pursue for international
market expansion.

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