informative speech outline 6

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In this speech you will research and inform the class about a topic of your choice. Your topic may be about a person (Jacques Cousteau), place (Notre Dame Cathedral), thing (champagne), activity (fashion modeling in Paris), or idea (existentialism).

Choose a topic that you can enthusiastically inform the class about.a) Best Topics – The best topics lie at the intersection of your interests and possible audience interests. Let your heart and mind guide you. The topic will be on the branches of the military in the USA

Construct a typed key-word/key-phrase outline which includes a Specific Purpose and Thesis at the top of the outline.a) Length – The outline may be no longer than two pages. You must submit a final copy to me before you speak.b) Writing – This is a communication class so be careful about grammar, spelling and punctuation; they will be considered in your outline grade.

Prepare a typed Works Cited Page citing three to five references used in your speech. a) Use MLA style – Consult NoodleBib (via our online library), EasyBib, or OWL for help with formatting. b) Bankier Library’s On-Line Databases – At least two sources in your Works Cited must come from Bankier Library’s on-line databases. c) Wikipedia – Because of potentially unreliable content, Wikipedia does not count as a Works Cited source.

Also make a powerpoint to go with the outline

There is more clearer directions in the file and a rubric. There is also an example of another students outline how the outline should look.

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