Individual research

individual Research on the topic: Is Street Art the art after the “End of Art?”

Consider the following question or post your own research in response to the required reading.

The required reading is to find one article from the journal.

Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art (2018) Volume 7; Issue 1

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Some art critics differentiate between Fine Art or “High Brow” Art found in museums and art history books and Popular or “Low Brow’ Art found on T Shirts , skateboards and on the street. In past class discussions, some students argue that Street Art is not less than the Fine Art of the past but will be the art movement that will define our time. Many art educators argue that Visual Culture including T shirts , skateboards and street art should be studied in the art classroom equally with less emphasis on Western or European styles. As I see new artists showing in Contemporary Museum venues, I notice that the subject matter is often contemporary pop couture. However historically , the influential 20th century art critic Clement Greenberg promoted abstraction and argued against “Kitsch” or mass produced images.

Do you believe that street art or other popular art forms should be studied in an art classroom? Do you discuss the legality of street art? Do you feel that popular art devalues the art forms that you have studied before? Use ideas in an article from the required readings to de

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