imagine you are a tour guide introducing a group of new arrivals to a modern day society

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Note:Include Outline

The Grand Tour

Imagine you are a tour guide introducing a group of new arrivals to a modern-day society.

Presentation Component

  1. Give basic information – name, location
  2. Identify 3 features of complex civilizations that your society excels in. Provide detail about how each feature you chose plays a role in your society.
  3. Describe the role of religion in your society – Is there a dominant religion among the residents? Are church and state officially joined? How does worship or other religious traditions play a role in your society’s culture?
  4. What kind of government does your society have? Has your location ever been a colony, or has your government ever colonized others? Has your society been through a revolution? If so, provide some basic information.
  5. Provide at least 3 unique facts about culture in your location (holidays, traditions, celebrations, family life, customs, clothing, etc.)

Written Submission

  1. What do you think makes an ideal society? Explain.
  2. Does the society you presented live up to your idea of an ideal society? What is one thing you would change about it?
  3. Throughout history, societies have engaged in conflict and war to solve their differences. What do you think is the ideal way for societies to overcome differences on issues like government, religion, or culture?
  4. Locate a primary source that provides a first-person perspective on historical events in that country. This could be a newspaper article describing an important event, a journal or autobiography, a recorded interview. Give a full APA citation and a one-paragraph summary of the source.


Presentation and reflection.

  • Presentation: You must include a visual aid (PowerPoint presentation, poster, or handout).
  • Your presentation should be 3-5 minutes in length and cover all elements (1-5 described in the Presentation Component section above).

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