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Your company is getting ready to expand their product offering into a new state, and your boss, Mr. Brad White, has asked you todetermine which of these following locations would provide the best market to attract new customers. The target market for your producthas the following characteristics:

Age: 30-40

Education attainment: some graduate school or master’s degree

Income: $60-75,000

Marital/Family: married with children over the age of 10

The four cities the company is considering, and that you have been asked to review and select from are:
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Peoria, Illinois
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Using the data available at ERSys.com, review each of the four cities, and select the one you think will provide the best opportunity for thecompany to develop a new consumer market. Write an inter-office memo to your boss that includes a summary describing the marketpotential based upon the target market for each of the four cities. Then indicate the city you recommend for the new market. Justify your selection, based upon the data available to you at the ERsys.com site. This memo should be one- page in length, using Word defaultsettings, and written in business memo format. (Not APA format, so this will be single-spaced, using a Memo format header.)

Specific information you will want to analyze on this site: demographic statistics on age, income, education, ethnicity, and familycharacteristics. It is also helpful to take note on charts and tables the comparisons of data across the three other cities given. This givesyou a basis of comparison to other major cities in the state. Be sure this is set up as a formal business memo. If you don’t know how to set up a memo, check the links / information in this folder regarding a business memo.

This assignment will be used to assess written communication skills for our AACSB accreditation. The following rubric will be use to evaluate your writing, in addition to the exercise criteria for the MKT 354 class.

Submit your attached Word document to this assignment submission link.

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