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  1. If your original test score was BELOW a 60% then write a one page summary (600 words minimum as counted by Microsoft Word, 1 inch margins, Time New Roman font, 12 pt font size, and 1.5 spaced) of why you believe you underperformed, what you could have done differently to have gotten a higher score, and what steps you are taking to fix any problems that you are having. In addition, describe your strategy for preparing for the final exam and some areas where you hope to improve. Finally, reflect back on your first week in the course and discuss some things that you wish you knew then that you have learned (avoid discussing specific topics covered in the class: e.g. don’t write “I wish I knew how to do material balances when I started this class”). It is also a WorldCup year so choose a team to root for from the current participants and briefly describe why you are rooting for them.

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