I search paper on depression

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To write an I-Search paper, you pick a subject to which you (or anyone closed to you) have a
personal connection,
and write about it from a personal point of view.
Your paper will consist of three major parts:
■ The story of your search This section tells readers what you knew
about your subject before you began your research, what you wanted
to know, and the research steps you went through to find out what you
wanted to know—including both the steps that led to useful information
and the steps that turned out to be dead ends.
■ What you learned In this section, you give readers the results of your
search—both the answers you found and the answers you did not find.
■ Your reflections on the search You use this final section to tell
readers what the experience has taught you about conducting and
documenting a search. I WILL INCLUDE AN I SEARCH PAPER EXAMPLE THAT THE PROFESSOR PROVIDE(place close attention to the first paragraphs it gives a personal connection story) APA FORMAT 1500WORDS

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