I need a 900 word APA Style Psychology paper

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Influences on Drug Abuse

In a 750-1000 word paper** (double-spaced), present support for how ALL three factors influence drug abuse:

  • Psychological influences
  • Biological influences
  • Social-Cultural influences

This assignment is to extend their understanding of the factors that influence drug abuse in the United States.

When writing your essay, try connecting all the factors if possible, but at minimum you should be expected to discuss all the factors as they relate to drug use in the United States.

In addition, incorporate any statistics you find on the internet to lend support the influences they discuss.

**The word requirement only includes the body only (word requirement does NOT include your title page/reference page. If you include images/tables, they must be added at the END of your paper and they will NOT count towards the minimum word requirement). The paper should also be written in a 12pt Times New Roman Font size, double-spaced (in accordance with APA guidelines)

Paper must be written in APA style. (Please see link below for examples of APA formatting).Please use the attached template to help you to begin formatting your paper in APA style

Paper Template :APA_Paper_Template.doc

APA Citation Examples: APA+Citation+Examples.pdf

APA Resource: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You must include at least 2 (two) scholarly references. One of which can be your textbook. References MUST be included in your paper.

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