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Internal Analysis The second major section is the Internal/Company Analysis. The goal of this section is to identify strengths and weaknesses of your company relative to your competitors. Start with a brief introduction to this section that explains the analysis and identifies the subsections of the internal analysis. Each section that has multiple parts should also have a brief introduction to each section. You want to guide the reader through your paper. Also, as mentioned in the External Analysis Guideline, you need to create as many figures and tables as you can to help the readers understand your points.

Your internal analysis should include five subsections (title each section clearly):

  • Similar to the industry section, begin this section with an introduction. Provide a brief description of the company that include the followings (focus on the company):
    • Description of the company’s products or services
    • Description of the customers
    • Geographic location or regions of operations
    • Description of the company’s size in terms of sales, number of employees, etc.
    • Company’s history including the founding year and growth history/trend.
  • Clearly identify the vision/mission of the company. If the company does have a vision/mission statement, evaluate its effectiveness (does it address all the components we discussed in class that a vision/mission should?). However, If the company does not currently have a mission statement, note that as a weakness. You should plan to write one for the client and include it in the recommendations section.

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