I have attach an article that you need to read and write an assay about. The outline for the essay is below

I have attached article so after you have read your article carefully, first organize your thoughts in an outline.

Critique each section

      1. Abstract: Was it a concise, clear summary of the study?
      2. Introduction: Did it provide a context for the study? What were the hypotheses tested (if any)?
      3. Methods: Could the experiment be replicated? What was the statistical design? Did they control for possible sources of error or variance? Was there a complementary model or computational analysis?
      4. Results: What were the important results? Were they presented clearly, or was there a better way they could have presented results?
      5. Discussion: Were the conclusions supported by the evidence? What are the limitations?

Create a glossary of terms you did not understand upon first reading the article. (You may need to consult and cite other sources).

List any remaining questions you have.

Write the paper, including the following:

  1. Introduction: why the topic is important, and your general opinion of the paper.
  2. Summary of the article, including sub-sections with a critique of each section of the paper (from the outline above).
  3. Summary and support for what you liked/disliked, what you learned, and any remaining questions.
  4. Glossary: define the terms as best you can (provide citations when necessary).
  5. References: include the paper you reviewed as well as any other references you used.

Format the bibliography in NLM style: http://www.wsulibs.wsu.edu/quickguides/nlm

Use “ENDNOTE Basic online” or “ENDNOTE Desktop” or “BibDesk [Mac]” or “Zotero [PC]” or another reference manager of your choice.

Resources for various reference managers:

ENDNOTE Basic online [Free] – http://endnote.com/basic

ENDNOTE desktop – http://endnote.com/popup/endnote-students

BibDesk [Mac, Free] – http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net

Zotero [PC, Free] – http://libguides.wsulibs.wsu.edu/content.php?pid=1…

WSU Resources:

Writing center – https://writingprogram.wsu.edu/writing-center-peer…

Engineering Librarian – http://www.wsulibs.wsu.edu/directory/leachman-chelsea


•¾ or 1 inch margins

•Double spaced

•11 or 12 point font


5 points each for:

Language; Grammar; Organization and logical flow; Format; Citations; Glossary/Further questions

10 points for:

Content of critique; summary

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