Humans and their Environment

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1. What is global warming? What is the greenhouse effect and how does it influence global atmospheric temperatures? Based on your outside research, has this trend accelerated or slowed during the past 5 years? Use climate data to support your point.

2. Describe four possible effects of global warming on the planet. Based on your research, what is the relationship between some of the extreme weather (hurricanes, floods, or droughts) that we have seen in the US and climate change?

3. What features of Western culture help lead people to believe in their primacy over nature?

4.What does the term geoengineering mean? Explain the two approaches to geoengineering that currently appear to be the most promising.

5. Describe in detail some of the social and ethical dilemmas posed by geoengineering that are explained in the reading. What is your solution to one of these dilemmas?

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