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Assignment: Talent Pipeline

The global downturn of 2009 affected the way organizations compete for talent and handle their talent pipeline (Greenberg & Sweeney, 2010). To build a talent pipeline, organizations need to use multiple channels continuously to identify and develop internal and external candidates who will align with their organizational strategy. These channels should identify anticipated or recurring positions. A talent pipeline gives organizations the advantage of hiring faster from the identified talent and can also save the organization money.

Please address the following:

  • Do you think organizations will remain as competitive for talent in the future? Make sure you include a discussion about both the internal and external pipelines.
  • What are the core principles that should be the basis for building a talent pipeline?
  • How should organizations align talent pipelines to their talent management initiatives?


Felps, W., Mitchell, T. R., Hekman, D. R., Lee, T. W., Holtom, B. C., & Harman, W. S. (2009). Turnover contagion: How coworkers’ job embeddedness and job search behaviors influence quitting.
Academy of Management Journal, 52(3), 545-561. Retrieved from the Walden library databases.

Research has shown that organizations with lower turnover tend to outperform their competitors. The authors in this article look at the social dimension of turnover and how coworkers influence other employees to leave an organization. When this information is available to organizations, it can aid them in better retaining employees.

Greenberg, H., & Sweeney, P. (2010). Invest in your best.
T+D, 64(7), 56-59. Retrieved from the Walden library databases.

This article discusses the need to ensure that top talent is valued in the organization. The authors discuss that this will help retain top talent, so they can be part of the organization’s vision and future.

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