How Race Plays a Part in Education

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So this paper is for the midterm, and for the final. The midterm is 6 pages, and 6-8 sources. The final is those 6 pages, plus an added 4, and then 4 more sources. If you could, I’d just like a version for the first six pages (as if it were completed), and then another version of that same paper, finished up with the 10 pages. My teacher said I could try to narrow the topic down a bit, such as: educational attainment/the prison pipeline possibly. The book to get sources from is here: Ferguson, Susan. 2015. Race, Gender, Sexuality and Social Class. 2nd edition. Sage Publications (ISBN: 9781483374956). If you don’t have access to it, no worries. You can still just grab sources from articles. All instructions should be in the Document attachment.

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