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“During my observation hours I was able to experience outpatient as well as acute settings. I am relieved that I chose to observe both, as there are so many differences. At the hospital, I witnessed several elders walk for the first time either in months or since surgery, very exciting if I might add; lots of laughter. Also I observed working with other patients who were admitted in ICU and/or Stepdown units due to cancers, illnesses, pneumonia or even amputations. The objective for most patients in the hospital is relatively the same; the doctors want them up and moving occasionally, working on a certain area. In the hospital, you see one patient at a time and you also have a lot more obstacles to work around; oxygen tanks, IV’s, catheters, feeding tubes. Whereas during my outpatient observation, I watched more specific treatments take place – – anywhere from double knee replacements, to torn ACL’s, to severely sprained ankles. I observed heat application and ultrasound treatments on backs and shoulders. There, you work most of the time with multiple patients at once. I thought, before completing my observation hours that I would enjoy a clinic setting more, but after experiencing both, I’m fonder of the hospital setting. I loved getting to watch my PTA work with one specific patient for their allotted time. It was definitely eye opening and I very much enjoyed every second of both settings. Both experiences were extremely rewarding and enlightening being able to witness peoples’ lives changing lives for the better.”

This is for an essay I’m working but I can’t copy and paste this I want it be alike this but different. Make up some new examples for a hospital setting and outpatient setting just completely new paragraph please

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