Homework Set #1: Chapters 1, 2, & 3

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  1. Homework Set #1: Chapters 1, 2, & 3
    Due Week 2 and worth 100 points

    Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate document.
    Explain how you reached the answer, or show your work if a mathematical
    calculation is needed, or both. Submit your assignment using the
    assignment link above.

    A. In your own words, please identify two different stock exchanges
    in the United States. Describe the similarities and differences between
    the two stock exchanges. Identify one stock from each of the two stock

    B. Using the two stocks you identified, determine the free cash flow
    from 2013 & 2014. What inference can you draw from the companies’
    free cash flow?

    C. Using the most recent financial statements for both stocks,
    prepare two financial ratios for each of the following categories:
    liquidity ratios, asset management ratios, and profitability ratios. You
    should have a total of six ratios for each stock, per year. What
    challenges, strengths, or weaknesses do you see? Please be articulate.

    Click here to view the grading rubric.
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