theories of crime exam questions

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Can you answer these questions 5-7 sentences each, using your OWN words. exam format.

3. How might the Feminist perspective respond to the U.S.’s focus on street gang violence?

7. Describe the Broken Windows thesis and the effects that this had on the policies of the 1980 and 90s

8. Explain the impact of the convergence of motivated offenders, suitable targets, and lack of guardianship as described by the Routine Activities perspective and how one could alter the cost-benefit calculation for offenders.

9. Describe any ONE policy or practice directly influenced by Rational Choice theories (be sure to explain how it was affected by Routine Activities)

10.. Discuss the Biosocial perspective and provide just one theory OR documented practice/policy as an example of this perspective

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The textbook ISBN is [ISBN:978-1-4129-8145-3] If you can find a PDF or something online.

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