compare and contrast the strategic issues faced by two competitors in the same industry

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Identify two companies that are operating in the industry you have studied. Preferably, choose two that have very different performances in the recent past (high and low). Divide the team into two subunits, and each unit will focus on one firm.

1.Each team subunit should identify the current strategy of the firm and appraise its internal resources and capabilities. How is the current strategy incorporating these competencies and helping the firm compete within the industry?

2.Evaluate the current performance of the firm. How successful has the strategy been in generating an above average financial performance for the firm over time and relation to the industry and competitors?

3.Compare the two firms. Faced with the same industry environment, examine how and why the firms pursued the strategies they did.

4.What are your recommendations for these firms? How would you change their strategies? What recommendations do you have for implementation?

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