composing your personal credo objectives to be able to articulate who you are what you believe and what you stand for which is the first step toward being a credible leader

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Please write a self-reflection paper in no more than a total of four pages, double spaced, and using Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica 11 size font.

First, compose your personal credo in accordance with the following suggestions. No more than two pages for this section. COMPOSING YOUR PERSONAL CREDO

Objectives. To be able to articulate who you are, what you believe, and what you stand for, which is the first step toward being a credible leader.

Time Required. 30 minutes Materials and Equipment. Personal Credo Worksheet: You can’t do what you say if you don’t know what you believe.

The first stage of your credibility journey is to clarify your values and determine the roots of your personal credo. Think…

• Where did your beliefs about what is important in life come from?

• Which of these ideas or principles still guide you now?

• Which are still useful? How do they help, support, or guide you in your daily life now?

• Which are no longer useful? Do any of your beliefs ever cause you conflict or uneasiness?

• Is it time to let go of some old ways of thinking and acting? Time yourself from the moment you start writing, and make a note of the time you took to compose your personal credo.

Next, please write down what you take away from this class. Remember, no more than four pages for the entire self-reflection paper. Tell me about what was it, if anything, that you experienced, learnt, or revisited in this class that might make you a better leader professionally, going forward.

my points to be a leader :

Leading the Leaders

1- Education 2- Acquire skill and expertise 3- Patience
4- Sacrifice 5- giving 6- humility 7- Setting goals and their levels 8- Thanks 9- Wisdom and advice 10- Access and continuity 11- Authority 12- Management and leadership

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