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To gather patient and healthcare information the organization where I work utilizes electronic medical records. This facilitates care coordination, improves effectiveness of practice, and allows data to be tracked over time. With this type of technology we can have comprehensive patient history which is utilized to prevent over prescribing medication. Using information and data from this technology impacts patient care and outcomes in many ways. For example, when using this nursing staff can input patient information such as the way the ambulate, if they require assistive devices, if they have a history of falls, and their mentation. Based on the answers to these questions a number is generated. If the number is greater than 45 it indicates the patient are at high risk for falls. This then takes you to a screen which shows preventative interventions to take in order to reduce the chances of the patient having a fall due to their high fall risk. This improves the patient’s outcome and guides nurses. Another benefit of this technology is that it provides fast access to placing consults for patients. The other members of the team are notified quickly and therefore able to see the patient and have their needs met. I utilize this by placing wound care consults for patients with suspected pressure ulcers. After wound care nurses assess the patients they are able to provide them with specialty mattresses and make recommendations to improve patients outcomes. Without this type of technology this would not be able to be possible.

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