chemistry of pigment ink

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Essay requirement:

Look into the history of Ink and their relation to the chemistry and technology available throughout time

How chemistry and Ink are connected

How new technologies throughout time have influenced the development of Ink

What influence the industrial revolution have had on the Ink available today

ink have been in use since approximately 2500 BC, when Chinese and Egyptian societies independently developed writing ink. Today, pen ink is produced following a similar formula now as it was then: a color-rich substance is suspended with stabilizers in a liquid that a pen can push across paper. Innovations in chemistry since have added variety to ink’s chemical composition.

The individual formulas of different types of ink can vary but they all tend to include the same four components: Colorants, vehicles (also known as binders), additives and carrier substances. Once they have been mixed, inks can fall into one of four categories: Aqueous, liquid, paste and powder. It mostly for writing, printing and drawing. I have always loved to read and write stories, therefore I wanted to know how ink was made and how it works.

-historical setting


-The chemistry involved

some sources:…

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