in what ways is globalization a new phenomenon of the the post 1945 world and in what ways does it build on earlier developments

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Make sure to use examples from the textbook and in particular the topics raised in chapters 22 and 23.
For instance:Consider the connections between the global feminist movement and the revolutionary nature of the women’s movement discussed in chapter 16.
Consider the rise of Islamic political movements and their relation to the initial spread of Islam discussed in chapter 15.
Because this is an essay, rather than a formal paper, you do not need to have a thesis statement. There should, however, be an introduction that explains the main points that the essay will cover. There should also be a conclusion that makes some connections between the different issues raised in the essay. You might reflect, for instance, on whether or not these changes have been mostly positive or negative and how.
Lastly, use the work that you have already completed (i.e. chapter reading questions, the discussion boards and the primary source materials and answers) to help write the essay.

Should be 3-5 pages double spaced.
Good luck!

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