mbus 306 final exam study guide

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  • Understand the practices and tools in new product design (see Issues in Product Development slides)
  • Purpose and Sections of the House of Quality
  • Methods in evaluating consumer preferences in product design
  • Case studies in location strategies – Fedex
  • Distinguish retail, services, manufacturing, warehouse and other location strategy drivers
  • Factors that affect location decisions
  • Calculate labor productivity
  • Apply the factor rating method of assessing of evaluating location alternatives
  • Apply the center of gravity method of assessing optimal distribution center locations given ship-to locations and volumes
  • Understand and distinguish between the considerations (critical success factors) of location decisions at the macro, regional and micro-geographic levels
  • Understanding and calculating the pace of production
  • Layout strategies and distinctions between those key layout considerations for retail, office, warehouse, services, and other businesses
  • Distinguishing directional flow of the supply chain – what is closer to the customer and what is further away; what are the tiers of the supply chain
  • Reasons and rationale in the make or buy decision
  • Bullwhip effect
  • Strategies and opportunities in integrating the supply chain
  • Quantitative versus qualitative methods of forecasting
  • Apply the time-series methods in several simple calculations (naïve, moving average, weighted moving average and exponential smoothing); understand what a smoothing constant is
  • Components, dimensions or facets of any time series – what are they and what are their characteristics
  • Understand associative models of forecasting
  • Supply planning – chase versus level strategies
  • Purpose/drivers of ERP adoption
  • Two biggest ERP solution development firms
  • Scope of ERP capabilities
  • Purpose and applicability of CRM
  • Business process reengineering and management with ERPs
  • Master data versus transactional data
  • ERP implementation methods and its phases (particularly what goes on in business blueprint)
  • Configuration versus customization
  • Industrial vertical solutions and their purpose

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