ged 150 mathematics 13th edition 2019 challenge exam

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100 question challenge exam please see attached. Challenge Examination925 North Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 Text: Author(s):Publisher:www.calcoast.eduPhone: 714-547-9625 Fax: 714-547-5777Basic College MathematicsSeventh Edition, 2012ISBN-13: 9780321747594John S. Tobey, Jr., Jeffrey L. Slater, Jamie Blair and Jennifer CrawfordPearson

Completing Your Challenge ExaminationWhen you enrolled, the admissions committee reviewed the materials you submitted and determined that based on your experience, you are eligible to challenge this course.Challenge Examination ComponentsThe ExaminationThe challenge examination is comparable to the final examination for the course. Questions may be multiple choice or true/false statements.The Answer SheetThe answer sheet for this challenge examination contains a bar code with your name, identification number and course number. The answer sheet may only be used for this examination. You may also complete your examination online using the Coast Connection student portal. The TextbookThe examination is based on the contents of the textbook listed on the cover of this booklet. Although you are being given an opportunity to challenge this course based on academic competencies identified in your occupational or life experiences, we suggest you review the textbook prior to attempting the examination.Before Beginning Your ExaminationIn order to successfully complete this course, we recommend that you do the following before beginning: tBe sure that you have the correct edition of the course textbook. tBecome familiar with the contents of the textbook, beginning with the table of contents. Authors often include supplementary material at the end of the text, such as a glossary and/or reference section, that will help you as you complete your examination.Many textbook publishers have developed excellent websites to accompany their textbooks. The site’s address is generally printed on the introductory pages of the textbook or is sometimes found on the back cover. We recommend that you visit the website for your text. These sites can enrich your understanding of the course material.

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