speech i believe in god 1

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1- Speech

A) Topic: I believe in God (deliver genuine, heartfelt, compelling tale that will hopefully captivate your audience)

I am a Muslim and include some facts and practices about Islam faith

B) should be timed in around 3-4 minutes ( 1.5 – 2 full written pages)

C) QUOTATION – from a poet, politician, philosopher. Attribute it in the speech using correct ORAL ciation


E) ALLUSION AND METAPHOR – should be created and included in speech in which the final point refers back to the LEDE.

2- Written materials ( separate word file)

A) It should include 4-5 sentence ENCAPSULATION should be related to the speech.

B) QUOTATION – Write the quotation used in speech and why it used.

C) ANAPHORA – include the anaphora used in the speech and explain why it used.

D) ALLUSION AND METAPHOR – include those two used in the speech, and why they used.

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