historical analysis essay progress check 1 1

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HIS200 Historical Analysis EssayProgress Check 1 Guidelines and RubricOverview:Throughout Theme: Analyzing History, you have been guided through beginning your Project 2: Historical Analysis Essay, which you will continue to work on in Theme: Thinking About Historyand formally submit for completion at the end of Week 8of the course. Thisprogress check assignment provides youwithan important opportunity to get valuable instructor feedback on the progress you are making and to ensure you areon the right track for your later submission.Prompt:Theme: Analyzing Historyhasintroduced you to how historians approach assessing historical evidence to refine their thesis statement and message. By now you should have enough evidence compiled from your research to begin writing your historical analysis essay. You will begin working on the essay piece by piece. In Theme: Analyzing History,learning block 5-4(page 2), you will work on drafting an introduction for your historical analysis essay. This introduction will include the necessary parts of an introduction: an explanation of the topic and argument, an overview of evidence, and yourrevised thesis statement.

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