ethics safety and safety management

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Assessment Criteria for Course work 1:

1. Explain what type of plant or laboratory selected to be assessed, give a full description how the plant or lab is operated.

2. Explain DSEAR assessment and carry out a DSEAR assessment of a plant or lab to identify the potential hazards associated with the plant or lab.

3. Consider the hazards arising from the plant and explain the risks.

4. Identify and explain at least 4 potential sources of hazards that must be removed from the plant or lab.

5. Recommend appropriate control measures that could be used to mitigate the hazards.

6. Relevant References need to be cited in the report.

Assessment Criteria for Course work 2:

The application of discipline specific knowledge (work related) to evaluate critical safety issues associated with CW1.

1. Identify and discuss the required steps in safety management and make reference to relevant standards.

2. Write a maintenance schedule for the plant.

*** Words count = 2500 Words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I have uploaded work example as file named “Example”.

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