client profile for literacy activity adapted story 2

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Develop a specific client by using the attached ruberic. This is an adapted book for a client who uses AAC (as opposed to a client who is verbal but not meeting the expected milestones for literacy). Use the ruberic attached to first develop a clients profile,and then use the clients profile to create an adapted story specific for the client who is going to use the adapted story.The adapted story will be created out of the book “llama llama red pajama”. Make sure to tackle all the parts of the ruberic such as

  • Symbols system used in book (including explanation/rationale)
  • “Reading” described at multiple levels
  • “Writing” described at multiple levels?

The attached file should be a guide for this assignment,also attached is an adapted story for the book that i personally created,use all the information given,and the two ruberics attached to answer this question into detail

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