watch quot is tibet free an introduction to tibet quot and write a essay

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Your critique should include a short critique of the major events, arguments and conclusions made in the video as well as a summary of your views, my feedback, and other comments that you found persuasive during the class discussion. You should highlight if and why you have revised your initial thoughts on the readings and subject matter. Your write-up is due one week after the class discussion is wrapped up.

My original thought : Tibet is free, and people who live there had a good life. Reason: I went to Tibet at 2015, I’ve never heard something like this.

What Im thinking right now: In another video, I saw people were protesting at front of China embassy at Indian. They doing that for a reason, but I do want to know more abou that, Maintain a neutral attitude about it. I In this video, I saw people arrested by police but I will pay more attention on Tibets new in the futre.


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