coursework i need a little over one paragraph for each question 1

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150 words for each of the 5 questions below = 750 words total

use in text citations and references

Do not plagiarise!!

2. According to the Formation of the Cominform document, how and why did the relationship between the Soviet Union and its Western Allies change during the postwar period? What does the document mean when it describes the United States as an “imperialist” power?

3. After reading the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Vietnam, in what ways do you think WWII furthered the cause of the Viet Minh?


1. Why did decolonization follow WWII so immediately and what were the results of decolonization in European countries in terms of immigration?

2. What is the main reason why the eastern bloc communist states fell from power so swiftly in 1989 and what does the Brezhnev Doctrine have to do with this?

3. Some people argue that the nation-state is declining in 21st Century due to trends of globalization. Do you agree? Why or why not. For example, What trends suggest the nation-state was a declining institution and what evidence / trends suggest it is firmly in place.

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