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Research project: This semester you will be doing a research project, equivalent to seven to ten pages written, that will be presented to the class. All of the writing must be in MLA style, complete with a “Works Cited” page, which will be presented as an annotated bibliography (worth 40 points). The topic will be based on homelessness and poverty. Once your particular topic has been chosen, you will do research each week until you have accumulated at least five secondary sources (our book is the primary source) —three scholarly articles from the Santa Monica library database, and two sources of your own choosing, in addition to our primary text, Evicted. You will hand in a copy of the article(s) for the week accompanied by a summary and a response, and each article must be cited in proper MLA format (as per 2016 MLA rules). The summaries and responses must be typed on a computer and will be handed in each week. I will return them to you with suggestions a/o corrections. Do not discard these! You will revise your summaries and citations and then put them together to be presented as your annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography will be due when you present your topic to the class in a prepared speech. You will also write a precis or abstract, which will be a one-to-two page summary of your research project goals (20 points). Your project will also include a visual aid (be creative) and your oral presentation to the class (each worth 20 points). The research project is worth 100 points. In order to receive full credit for this project, each student must meet with me at least once during the semester—we may have time during class to accomplish this, but we may have to use office time, as well. The Humanities Writing Center (third floor Drescher Hall) will be a valuable asset for all students. Please do not hand in your only original for any part of this or any other assignment. You MUST make copies!!! Things can, and do, get lost. (Also, be sure to back up any writing you do on a computer.)

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