my life through a critical social justice lens

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answer each question, one page per question times new roman double spaced 12pts

-Just a brief background of myself for the paper as a minoritized group i am a Hispanic(Colombian) female in the lower middle class/ below poverty line, parents were immigrants at one point now home owners still paying off…

-dominant group I am a able bodied person, heterosexism

  1. Name a minoritized group that you are a member of: (eg: as an immigrant how do u relate to the nation? How visible is your group in the country (positions of power)? Where u oppressed (includes prejudices and acts of discrimination) as a member of this group?
  2. Name a dominant group that you are a member of: (eg: as an able bodied cisgendered man what privileges do you have? How have these privileges been maintained (eg: forms of oppression like sexism, white supremacy, racism, heterosexism, ableism etc)? How has the group exerted power over others in society?

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