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For your final paper, you should have the following sections included: title page, abstract, introduction, literature review, conclusion, and bibliography. You should have at least ten to fifteen academic sources for your final paper, though you can have more.

Possible lengths for each section should be around:

Introduction and Background: 1-2 pages

Literature Review: 7-10 pages

Conclusion: 1-3 pages

Remember: the lengths of each section can vary and these are just general ideas of where they should fall. Remember also that you must be both at least 10 pages AND 3,000 words in your final draft. If your paper is 10 pages, but under 3,000 words, you will need to add. Your title page, abstract, and bibliography do not count toward the total page and word counts.

-2 editing -1 citations -1 theme You’re definitely on the right track. Make sure that your lit review follows the order that you list the topics in your thesis statement. Some areas were a bit difficult to understand.

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