What is required when developing an implementation plan?

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  1. Utilizing the model selected (WIL App), create the detailed implementation plan for the innovation. Make sure the plan accounts for contingencies/risks in the implementation process and includes realistic timeframe and budgeting considerations. This should be 550-750 words.

This should be answered using a hypothetical app called WIL.

Here is a description of the app

When I Leave (WIL)

There are many uncertainties in this life, but one thing that is certain is that every person will die. Although that statement is crass and maybe harsh for some people, it is still undoubtedly the reality that all humans face. No one knows the exact day or time of his or her passing and unless someone has been ill for a long time and was given a number of days to live, it can be difficult to prepare a traditional funeral where every loved one can attend. This is why the company When I Leave (WIL) is so brilliant.

When I Leave is an online platform that allows people to express all of the things that they want to be remembered and celebrated for after he or she dies. The users are able to share moments that formed them as well as follow the pages of other users that have pubic settings on their page. This can be just another social application, but what sets it apart is the purpose behind it. Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world with over two billion monthly users in 2019 (Clement, 2019). However, as the world gets busier and technology takes over more parts of everyday life, WIL can be as big if not bigger than Facebook. WIL has the potential to innovate a new perspective in the Internet space by leveraging the ease of preparation with the joy of celebration.

Funerals or memorial services have needed innovation for years. WIL has the ability to put together all of the uploaded photos and videos uploaded by the user into a slideshow that loved ones can watch when they visit the virtual gallery of one’s life. It will also gather all of the journal entries, captions and statuses of the user and create a PDF journal that can be printed and kept. In addition, this idea solves an issue of people that cannot make it to the funeral service because of work, travel restrictions, or bad health. The WIL platform allows for live streaming of the funeral from beginning to ending without distraction.

The innovation model used to evaluate this idea is the linear model. This is one of the simpler models that was believed to be invented in 1945. The process of this model is basic research, applied research, development, and production (Godin, 2005). The basic research entails checking for an existing company that is already doing this work and then applied research is looking for information that will help jump-start the development process. For example, in America alone, someone dies every 12 seconds (Live births, deaths, and infant deaths, latest available year, 2018). This statistic furthers the support for WIL to develop and launch. The production of the site will be simple and easy to use. Over time, When I Leave can spread and be the innovative idea that becomes a normal part of everyday life for billions of people around the world.

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