beliefs about yourself alter you personality, psychology homework help

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This is the discussion need to be reply. That could be between 100 to 150 words.

Mary Perry

do think beliefs about yourself alter you personality. The way you
perceive yourself either provides you a strong personality or a weak
one. I had a weak one because I did criticize myself very harshly. I
thought I could never be loved because I had Type 1 Diabetes and a
severe uncontrolled case of it. I was extremely skinny, lethargic, and
constantly having to use the bathroom. It is a chronic disease and
affected my life very much growing up. I was constantly hospitalized and
lost too much weight. I thought no one would ever want to carry this
burden along with me for the rest of their life. I truly thought I was
unlovable and no one would want to keep up with my doctors appointments
and bills. As time went on I did find the perfect man in my life and am
now engaged and cannot wait for a bright future with him. Looking back
it was a stupid thought I had in my head thinking I would never find
someone who would want to love me for what I had. Being able to accept
who I am now and with what I have has changed me as a person and my
behavior. My emotions are more controlled and my behavior is a lot
different than back then. I am a happier person in life and maturing has
really helped me cope. I am 22 now and I have come so far with a
different personality and a brighter look on life. I do believe this
belief change did have a great effect on my general personality as I had
stated before. I believe that when I was younger I wanted to be like
the other kids and be able to eat whatever I wanted and not spend my
weekends in the hospital. I wanted to be a normal kid, but growing up I
could see now that I can do those things and be like other adults.
Diabetes doesn’t control who I am as a person or control my life I
control it.

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