Research Methods Unit 5, psychology homework help

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As you have likely noticed when reading research studies, research articles start with an introductory section. This section summarizes prior research on the topic that the research study is about. This is important because prior research can inform reasons for the present study. Perhaps there are some findings that are controversial or gaps in what is known in a particular area or further questions that result from existing study results. Additionally, sometimes clinical professionals working in the field research what is known on a disorder or a treatment to present to colleagues and/or students working with them. For example, many hospitals and clinics have Grand Rounds where information is presented to the students and professionals who work in the setting. Given this, being able to summarize results from studies is important for researchers and clinicians in the field. You will have an opportunity to practice this skill in this week’s learning activity.

Use the information gathered for the Unit 4 Assignment to complete the following:

Summarize the studies, similar to the introductory section of a research paper. Follow this with a research question you would want to study that follows from these studies and a hypothesis to accompany the research question.

Write the Methods Section of your paper- consider who would be in the study, how they would be recruited, and the study measure you would use.

Add a cover page and reference page to your paper. Using APA format, also include a Running Head.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages.

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