Elements of Drama

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Elements of Drama –

3-4 pages (at least 3 full pages) Times New Roman 12-pt. font only

Save as .doc, .docx., or .rtf only.

Minimum of at least 3 full pages (not 2 ¾ – if in doubt, write a bit more, to get onto that third page.) Papers that do not meet this minimum 3 full page requirement will not be read or graded! (Remember that the Works Cited page is not included in this page count.)

TOPIC: You will be analyzing the play Macbeth.

1. Discuss thoroughly the points listed.

2. You must use at least 3 specific quotes from the play to support your discussion.

Analyzing Plot

1. Reviewing the information on Plot from our textbook (p. 7-10) and other course materials.

2. Choose one play that we have read this semester and analyze its plot thoroughly.

3. The paper will include an introductory paragraph that includes your thesis statement and a conclusion paragraph. The body paragraphs will contain your analysis and should be a comprehensive discussion that includes all of the following:

1. play type (drama, tragedy, comedy of manners, satire, etc.)

2. plot type: (unified, episodic, etc.) o plot action: comment specifically on how the action (exposition/establishment of circumstance, rising action, conflict/crisis, climax, falling action, denouement/resolution) moves the storyline along significant ways in

3. be sure to discuss the importance of foreshadowing (if any), sub-plots that contributed to the overall plot structure (if any), reversal(s) (if any), and anagnorisis (if any).


§ Do not use “I” statements. The paper is to be written in third person (he/she/it/they). Unlike your weekly discussion Posts, this is a formal paper. Remember that you are focusing your discussion on the text you have read; do not use “I” statements in your paper. Example – not this: (“I think that the author describes…”), but this: (“The author describes…”) . Likewise, don’t address the reader directly (you, your), but focus your writing on the material itself.

§ Don’t embed large sections of the play into your paper! A few lines are fine; anything more than that makes it look as though you are using the play as a page-filler. Remember that quotations are used to support your ideas/analysis.

§ Remember to cite properly (review MLA style of proper citing of plays) – and: Be sure to introduce quotes and paraphrases, so that the reader can’t distinguish which ideas are your own and which are from the source. Use the “quote” (or “paraphrase”) sandwich:

  • Top bread: your discussion and introduction of the quote or paraphrase.
  • Filling: the quote or paraphrase.
  • Bottom bread: synthesis of quote or paraphrase within your continuing discussion.

§ Finally… give yourself time to think, write, and PROOFREAD. This is not a paper that you can complete successfully a few minutes before it is due! Proofread for writing errors and for MLA style/formatting!

§ Reminder about Plagiarism As outlined in the syllabus plagiarism is a serious offense and will be treated as such. Plagiarizing material puts you at risk of receiving a failing grade for the assignment and English 122. I read student papers very carefully and will check on any material that appears suspicious. Ensure that any material that you quote or paraphrase is properly cited.

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