Ron Popeil

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Please the guide questions given below the instructions to write your case analysis.

Please FOLLOW this format/outline for your case analysis:

A) Identification of the Main Issue, OR Learning Point of the Case

B) Situation Analysis

C) Recommendations and/or Conclusions

Note: Turning in your answer using a Q&A format will NOT earn any credit points.

3) Maximum number of pages for case analysis: 2 (single or double-spaced okay). Make sure to include a list of citations/references, if you used any.

CASE GUIDE QUESTIONS: (to help with your analysis)

1) What does Ron Popeil bring to personal selling that makes him so effective?

2) What trade sales promotion tools does he use?

3) Why do you think he needs to use sales promotional tools when he is selling directly to consumers?

4) Explain how Popeil’s selling tactics allow him to achieve the desired objectives of sales promotions.

5) Do you think that America will see another Ron Popeil sometime in the future? Why or why not?


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