Emergency Management Roles

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For your main post, discuss the roles of the emergency personnel in this simulation by addressing the following:

  • Characterize the importance of each player in the simulation, without leaving anyone out. Your course readings and two FEMA certifications completed in previous units will help you understand the importance.
  • Define an alternative plan using ICS guidelines from your two FEMA certifications and the course readings.
  • Defend your plan as opposed to the original plan.


For the purpose of this discussion, view the Emergency Response simulation from this unit’s studies. In the simulation, Commander Stevers decides to evacuate all residencies and businesses in the hot zone, with the exception of the stadium. He made this decision based on the information he had and his training. That information and training is vital to saving lives. As you view the scenario, consider the information you have learned from the FEMA courses. Consider how this information may have factored into Commander Stevers’s decision making.

For your main post:

  • Articulate your position about the decision Commander Stevers made when deciding whether to evacuate or to shelter in place.
  • Define what steps could have been taken ahead of time to prevent casualties.
  • Develop a detailed alternate response to the incident.
  • Evaluate the anticipated outcomes of your response.

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