Researching a Monster

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Research collection is essential for a good research project! You need to look at a large variety of texts to see the different perspectives, biases, philosophical lenses, and ideas connected to your research topic.


Step 1: For this essay, you will collect 16 sources about your topic and construct a source list.

  • 2 Primary Sources
  • 4 Scholarly Journal Articles (Go to Ebscohost or other library databases)
  • 2 Newspaper or magazine
  • 2 Data-driven/based sources e.g. stats or surveys
  • 2 Web-based Sources
  • 2 Book or e-book
  • 2 Choice Sources

Step 2: You will write an MLA Works Cited for each source.

Step 3: You will discover the reading or audience level of each source.

Step 4: You will complete a CARS Checklist assessment for each source.

Step 5: Identify the source’s argument

Step 6: Include a note about any bias or philosophical perspectives the source expresses.

Step 7: Compile all this info into a Source List essay that is Alphabetically organized by the MLA Citations and contains all the parts for each source.

Due Dates:

  • Compile your 16 sources by Sunday of Week 5 (YOU WILL NOT TURN THIS IN)
  • Complete Assessments of 16 Sources by Wednesday of week 6 (YOU WILL NOT TURN THIS IN)
  • Write Essay #2 by Sunday of Week 6
  • Turn in Essay #2 on Canvas by Sunday of Week 6

Connection to Research Project:

  • You will pick 8 sources from this source list that you will analyze in your annotated bibliography and use in your research project.

The Format for Each Entry:

Work Cited

Reading Level/Audience Level

CARS Checklist Score

Source’s Argument

Note: about any bias or philosophical perspectives the source expresses.

Just find the 16 sources based on my “essay #1 proposal” below

Here are two samples, “source list” and “source list Liu”.

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