Employee Training

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Employee Training and Development

  • Provide an example of when you were trained. What was the purpose of the training? How did you benefit? How did the organization benefit?
  • During this week’s discussions, we’ve talked about the strategic role of training and development in organizations. Several training areas offer specific value to organizations: new hire orientation, diversity and inclusion, anti-harassment/anti-discrimination, skills training, and safety training. Select one of these areas and explain its role within an organization’s training and development strategy. Support your position with a scholarly source (provide citation).
  • How can training be designed to motivate learning and accommodate trainee differences? Consider learning styles, adult learning theories, and motivation.
  • What is your motivation for participating in training and applying training to your job and future development?
  • After reviewing the training models and methodologies from this week’s reading list, which approach would you be inclined to use or suggest for designing and developing training? Provide your rationale.
  • After reviewing the information on training plans, develop and post a rough/draft outline of what you would include in your training plan.
  • Why are training objectives so critical to effective training and to course design?
  • Conduct an online search for training/educational courses that state the intended learning objectives. Find two examples to share with the class: one that you consider “good” and one that you would consider “poor”. For each, provide the rationale for your selection.
  • Consider a training course you have taken in the last several years. Which aspects of the training did you find most impactful (e.g., participant guide or other handouts, the learning activities, any pre/post work)? Why did you find these useful?
  • What are competencies and why are they popular in training departments? How are competency models related to job analysis?
  • Your subject matter expert (SME) likely plays a role in the design and development of training. What role (if any) should the SME play in the implementation of the training? What factors might impact this role?
  • What would you recommend an organization do to ensure that everyone receives equitable access to training opportunities?

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