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Loss Case Study

this assignment, assume a large employer is closing in the community.
In the Longevin family the grandfather, Joe (age 60), the daughter
Angela (age 40), and the grandson, Peter (age 20), are all losing
their jobs. When Joe was 42 he was diagnosed with depression, but has
controlled this for the past few years. You can embellish this
scenario as needed, including cultural implications, to address the
following elements in this assignment:

  • Compare
    and contrast the three career stages of Joe, Angela, and Peter.
  • How
    might their roles change from this job loss? What factors would you
    consider in the job loss, including mental well-being? What
    strategies would you use to help with these changes?
  • What
    strategies would you use to develop a lifelong learning philosophy
    with each person in this family?
  • In
    the previous unit you learned about different assessment
    instruments. Name one assessment you would use for each person and
    describe the criteria you used for this choice.
  • Assess
    the cultural appropriateness of the assessments you chose for each

assignment should be 3–4 pages in length, follow APA format and
style, and include at least three references, including your text.
Review the Job Loss Case Study Scoring Guide to understand the
grading expectations for this assignment.



you are to summarize the contents of this paper. This summary should
be one short paragraph that includes the purpose of this assignment,
and the list of this assignment’s components in narrative (not list)

Unit 4
Assignment: Elements of an APA Paper

writing your introduction here (1–2 paragraphs). An effective
introduction prepares the reader by identifying the purpose of the
paper and providing the organization of the paper. Please
double-space and remember to indent all paragraphs throughout your
paper (not block form!). Aim to keep your writing objective using 3rd
person. Unless required for the specific assignment, please do not
include a Table of Contents, as it is not APA style. Review paper
guidelines on page requirements and number of sources required.
Unless citing a classic work, aim to cite research articles and texts
published within the past 5 years. Please use headings throughout
your paper that are consistent with the paper’s scoring guide (that
way you ensure you are adequately addressing all required areas.).

you finish writing your paper, re-read it to check for errors and
make sure your ideas flow well. A helpful tip is to read your paper
aloud to yourself. If it does not sound right to your ear – it is
not working on paper! Please submit your papers to Turnitin (linked
in the course) to check for plagiarism. Also, remember as a Capella
learner you have FREE access through iGuide to personal tutoring
services with

Development Stages

the evaluation categories in the scoring guide to ensure you are
addressing the ‘distinguished’ category for all sections of your
paper. Analyze the early, middle and late career development stages
as it relates to this case study. Describe any cultural
considerations you may have for each family member.

Role Change in Job Loss

this section describe the possible role changes from job loss for
each person. Discuss the factors to consider including mental
well-being. Include strategies you would consider to help with the

this section describe any cultural consideration for each family


this section choose one assessment that you would use for each family
member and the rational for each assessment. Include the cultural
appropriateness of this assessment. What strategies would you use
to advocate for career or educational development. Describe
strategies to develop life-long learning.


provide a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas of your paper.


your references on a separate page with the heading above (not bold).
(Delete this and all these instructions when you are done reading
them.) For this paper you are to have at least three references
including your text.

must have a reference for EACH source cited in your paper. Do NOT
list a reference that was not cited in your paper. Consult your APA
manual for proper examples on citing and referencing APA style. The
Capella Writing Center also has helpful tutorials.

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