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Assignment: write a 3 page crea)ve imita)on of the story:

– “The Secret Life of Walter Mi5y”

Geng started:

The best way to get started on this assignment is to refer your note from class and look at the

sugges)ons on page 110-113 of pa5erns. Find your chosen texts and work your way through

brainstorming, crea)ng an outline and dra=ing your essay. Con)nue to re>ne your work alone and

during dra=ing workshops.

A successful creave imitaon will include:

-Descrip)ve wri)ng

– Crea)ng and using metaphors

-Using dialogue with appropriate quota)on marks

-Sentence pa5erning techniques we’ve learned to make your paper interes)ng, descrip)ve, and

gramma)cally stronger.


-Paper must be typed in Times New Roman 12 double spaced MLA format

-The length must be 3 full pages

-MUST a5end dra=ing workshop April 28 for this assignment or go to wri)ng cente

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