Human Development: Early Adulthood Case Study, psychology homework help

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Hello, I need a case study done for my Psychology class, you have to read the following case study and form an opinion about whether you think this couple will stay together or not using information from your text. Develop your response, it should be 3 pages long. It has to be specific and use information from the text and at least 2 reliable outside sources (CITE AT THE END). I will attach 3 pages from the book to use on the paper as evidence and you could use up to 2 reliable outside sources. Make sure to cite any outside source at the end. PLEASE NO plagiarizing! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Case study- Sarah and Dave, 24 year old college grads, have been in a relationship for a year and a half. Sarah lives in Chicago and Dave lives in New York. Sarah is an elementary school teacher in Chicago and Dave is a marketing rep for a pharmaceutical company. They have a lot of fun together—they both are runners and like to ride bikes, go to the theater and travel—and have strong physical attraction for each other. They are emotionally close as well. Sarah is politically very liberal and Dave is a conservative, so they avoid talking about politics. Dave and Sarah both have anxious attachment styles, and both of them had parents who divorced when they were in first and second grade. When under stress, Dave tends to turn his stress on Sarah and become critical, whereas Sarah tends to withdraw and avoid. Sarah wants Dave to move to Chicago so they can live together and eventually get married, which they both want, but Dave doesn’t want to leave his job how because he is concerned that the economy might get bad again.

Outline of the paper…

1. Take a position if they will or will not stay together.

2. Support that position. (AT LEAST 3 POINTS TO SUPPORT IT)

3. Take the opposite position of what you chose and support that. (AT LEAST 2 POINTS TO SUPPORT THE OPPOSITE POSITION)

4. Last, any information that you don’t have that would help you in predicting the outcome for the couples. (AT LEAST 2 POINTS TO SUPPORT)

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