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  1. Watch Eye Contact ( at least once through without stopping and once again to take notes after each of the three segments.
  2. Use your notes to write a three paragraph film critique. This will be your presentation script for your review of Eye Contact.
  3. Your critique should cover the following material in three well-developed paragraphs. Be sure to use transitions between ideas and between paragraphs. Your critique should flow smoothly.

paragraph one:

Begin by immediately rating the film (“Eye Contact deserves 4 out of 5 stars!” for example.). The rest of your presentation will explain your rating. Include in this first paragraph a brief summary of the important story elements of the film. Who are the characters? Where does the action of the film take place? What happens? What do you think the film maker wants you to think, feel, or do while watching? Refer back to the notes taken while watching.

paragraph two:

Discuss the suspense techniques used in the movie. Which literary suspense techniques (foreshadowing, flashback, imagery, etc.) are present in the film? Which techniques specific to film (camera angles, types of shots, soundtrack, and special effects) are used to create suspense? Are the techniques used effectively? Why or why not? Be sure to describe specifics from the film in the same way you would quote “textual evidence” in an essay. Refer back to the notes taken while watching the film.

paragraph three:

Discuss the overall quality of this short film. What are its strengths? What suggestions would you make for improvement? What about the film will you remember most? Refer back to your notes taken while watching.

4. As you write and prepare your review, think about the tone of the professional critiques you have read. Remember to use your words and convey your ideas in such a way that is respectful and persuasive. Use specific examples to support your review.

5. If possible, record your critique as either a video or an audio presentation. Speak with your instructor if you need help recording and attaching your presentation. If you are not able to record your presentation, your parent or guardian may use the scoring rubric to assess your presentation.

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