discussion board,respond to 2 posts on juvenile court system

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Please respond to this 2 post(answer should be around 150 words,own thoughts)

1)Nicholas Abbott

Relevant or not?

I think that there is many reasons why a need for a separate juvenile system still exists today. The juvenile court act of 1899 was intended to have a system which focused more on rehabilitation and treatment as opposed to punishment, which was the emphasis of the adult judicial system at the time. I think this is still valid today because juveniles have the best chance to be redirected early and change criminal patterns and behaviors, before they become wayward criminals. The juvenile court act also provide due process to juveniles, which protects their right to a fair trial. Finally, the ruling on Breed v.s. Jones lays out what guidelines juvenile cases may be transferred to adult court on. I think this is the key element here, because if the crime is deemed heinous enough and the juvenile is at least 16 years of age I do agree with charging them as an adult in those situations.

Eliminating the juvenile court altogether however, would be impractical and affect juvenile offenders significantly more if they were brought through the adult system. I think judges and attorneys that practice on the juvenile court circuit have a special understanding of the needs of youth offenders, and if they were instead brought to justice in the adult systems it could lead to less treatment and rehabilitation and negatively impact their lives forever.

2)Claudio Renteria

Juvenile Court System

I do not believe we should have a separate court system for juveniles. I believe the purpose of laws and court systems is to deter people from committing crimes rather than revenge crimes. I have to agree with some believers of the “myth of the good old days,” I believe crimes among younger people are increasing. It is not about the person committing the crime, it is about the crime itself that we need to look at. Of course you have to have different considerations for the reason behind crimes, the environment in which the juvenile grew up, but that can be all taken care of by the same system

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