forensics questions What is trace evidence?

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All answers must be in your own words.

  1. Go to this web site and answer the questions:…

    1. What is trace evidence?
    2. Explain what microscopic trace evidence is and give an example.
    3. Explain what impression trace evidence is, and give an example.
    4. What is left behind after a gun shot and how can someone test for gun shot residue (Do not just name the tests)?
    5. What sort of evidence is left behind after a hit and run?
    6. What is the forensic garage?
  1. Go to this web site about trace evidence collection and answer the questions:…

Scroll down to crime scene search:

  1. What is a primary transfer?
  2. What is secondary transfer?
  3. How are the many ways trace evidence is collected?

Scroll down to evidence collection:

  1. What is the main way in which trace evidence is collected?
  1. Why should you inspect the victim?
  2. Why should you collect known hair and fiber samples?

Scroll down to evidence handling:

  1. How should individual hair and fibers be submitted?

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